Consolidations on SAC

PlaniFi offers the below pre-packaged solution to get you started with Consolidations on SAC. We offer both quick start programs and small-to-medium pre-packaged managed implementations. Reach out to [email protected] for more information.


Business Requirements:

  • Companies requiring standalone consolidations; companies requiring planning, consolidations, and analytics in one solution
  • BPC, HFM / Essbase, One Stream replacement or end of life
  • Consolidating Multiple Local Chart of Accounts
  • Consolidation process and rules in the Cloud –
    • Consolidations close process flow and status dashboard
    • Legal and Management Intercompany Eliminations
    • Automated Rollforwards and Cash Flow
    • Top-side Journals, Allocations
    • Currency Conversion, CTA calcs, Historical Overrides
    • Constant Currency Analysis
    • Consolidations controls, validation and sign off
  • Print ready financial statements and book publishing
  • One source of truth for Reporting, Analytics, Statistical Data (HC / Product)

Solution Goals:

  • Provide end to end consolidations solution for companies requiring:
    • standalone consolidations applications
    • planning, consolidations and analytics in one solution
  • Separate process flows to guide corporate, subconsolidations and end users through their consolidations close
  • Allow for decentralization of the consolidations process including local ownership and sign off on submitted financials
  • Streamlined, automated consolidation calculations
    • Cash Flow, Retained Earning / Carry Forward, IC Elims, FX calculations
  • Allow for simple journal entries, overrides, and top-side adjustments
  • Provide print ready, drillable reports for both executive reporting and entity level review
  • Financial book publication; includes commentary collection for board reporting
  • Project Metrics (typical):
    • Remove maintenance costs for internal infrastructure and IT resources
    • Eliminate manual overhead in collection of local data
    • Eliminate manual processes in the consolidations close
    • Stop paying for extended maintenance
    • Drive accountability and reduce risk for errors and omissions
  • Industries – All

Admin Prep Includes

  • Submitting FX Rates
  • Open period
  • Data Action to populate Beginning Balances R/E and Override Carryforwards

Entity Consolidations Includes

  • Importing local data to the consolidation system, review account mappings
  • Submitting Journals
  • Input statistical data
  • Data Action to trigger consolidation calculations (FX / RE / CTA / etc)
  • Data Action to run IC Elims
  • Input Rollforward data
  • Data Action to trigger Cashflow calculations
  • Approve / Lock data
  • Reports / Controls along the way to validate the process
  • Financial Reporting Summary

Corp Consolidations Includes

  • Intercompany Matching report
  • Submitting Topside Journals
  • Override inputs
  • Data Action to trigger consolidation calculations (FX / RE / CTA / etc)
  • Data Action to trigger Cashflow calculations
  • Reports to review Financials, including KPI’s, BS, IS, CF, and IC review.
  • Final Published Book
  • Finalize / Lock data

Solution Prerequisites

  • SAP Analytics Cloud Planning Licenses
  • Data, Connections
  • HANA connector / install to broker connection between systems

What’s Included

  • Model, Calculations, Templates
  • Sample Data Set

How do you deploy the solution?

  • Consulting Services
  • Deployment, Training
  • Infrastructure, Managed projects (Design, Delivery, Deployment), standard training and enablement
  • Customizations
  • Dimension / Templates – adjust per your structures
  • Process – adjust to your business requirements

Supported Data Sources

  • Any Structured General Ledger Data Source, Excel, Flat File, SAP ERP, SAP BW / HANA
  • Standard Accounts and dimensionality to support consolidations, including company, profit center, cost center, flow, etc.