SAP Analytics Cloud – Transfer Pricing Prepackaged Solution

PlaniFi offers the below pre-packaged solution to get you started with SAP Analytics Cloud – Transfer Pricing Prepackaged Solution. We offer both quick start programs and small-to-medium pre-packaged managed implementations. Reach out to [email protected] for more information.


Transfer Pricing – Solution Goals:

  • Process flow to guide admin and user through online planning process
  • Driver-based planning of intercompany purchases by product
  • Generate intercompany transactions on Producing Company based on Selling Company planned intercompany purchases
    • Intercompany volume
    • Intercompany Revenue
    • Cost of Sales related to intercompany volume
  • Transfer pricing markup % controlled centrally for consistent planning results across the organization
  • Provide print ready, drillable reports for both executive reporting and business unit analytics
  • Project Metrics (typical):
    • Reduce efforts by 60% to generate reliable Transfer Pricing data versus current tool (Excel)
    • Systemic I/C Eliminations
  • Industries: Mfg., Distribution, Wholesale, Retail, etc.

Business Problem and Proposed Solution – Solve with SimpleFi’s Flexible prepackaged solution for Transfer Pricing for SAP Analytics Cloud

  • Manual generation of Transfer Pricing including:
    • Difficulty matching planned I/C purchases to producing sister Company
    • Generating IC Revenue based on Selling Co input
    • Generating COS on IC Revenue
    • Creating corresponding IC COS
    • Systemic IC Elims
  • Handling cross company transactions
  • Planning version control
  • Hard to collect intention to buy from intercompany

Transfer Pricing Includes:

  • Standard configuration for version comparisons
  • Packaged script calculations
    • I/C revenue projections
    • COS on I/C revenue projections
    • I/C cost of sales projections
    • I/C revenue eliminations
  • Data Action to trigger calculation
  • Reporting
    • Intercompany elims review
    • Company analysis
    • Variance Analysis
  • Planning process flow

Solutions Perquisites

  • SAP Analytics Cloud Planning Licenses
  • Data, Connections
  • HANA connector / install to broker connection between systems

How do you deploy the solution?

  • Consulting Services
  • Deployment, Training
  • Infrastructure, Managed projects (Design, Delivery, Deployment), standard training and enablement
  • Customizations
  • Dimension / Templates – adjust per your structures
  • Process – adjust to your business requirements

Supported Data Sources

  • SAP
    • The solution utilizes the same model structure as the Actual SD Business Content for S4 available in SAP Analytics Cloud.  The models can be linked to share data, structures, etc.
    • The data source for the model can also directly plug into the S4 HANA ABAP CDS view
    • ABAP CDS view does however modification to include Gross Sales, Gross to Net Sale Accounts
  • Excel, Flat File, SAP ERP, BW / HANA
    • Standard Accounts and dimensionality to support sales planning including: company, country, sales org, channel, etc (native for S4 HANA)