Flexible Sales and Revenue Planning

PlaniFi offers the below pre-packaged solution to get you started with Sales Planning. We offer both quick start programs and small-to-medium pre-packaged managed implementations. Reach out to [email protected] for more information.


Planning Rapid Deployment Solution includes:

  • Plan Sales at ANY level of detail; Plug into SAP Sales and Distribution content
  • Automate collection of planning assumptions from your sales / finance teams (decrease overhead; allow finance to focus value add activities)
  • Shrink plan iterations by focusing on assumptions – let the system do the math
  • Increase accountability and reduce the risk for error by creating controlled calculations, reports and review processes (sign off)
  • Manage planned orders (volumes), pricing and revenue recognition assumptions all in one central driver-based tool; managed by Finance

  • Increase ability to do target setting and “what if” analysis

    • Using SAP Analytics Cloud built in calculation and disaggregation features

  • Increase accuracy – through finance review, collaboration, controls and smart insights

  • Project Metrics (typical):

    • Reduce efforts by 35%+ to publish the plan versus current tool (Excel)

    • Reduce planning cycle(s) by 25% or more

  • Industries: Technology, Utilities, Professional Services, Leasing, Mfg, Distribution, etc

Convert your planned Sales Orders and Open Orders into a Revenue plan using this prepackaged solution which includes:

  • Plan Admin and Set Up – Seed your drivers and Set Targets
    • Seed next year’s budget with historical volumes. Adjust based on growth targets
    • Seed budget with pricing assumptions (gross, discounts, rebates) based on prior year data. Adjust based on next year’s outlook
  • Order (unit) Plan
    • Order Entry – Set local targets; Plan Sales (Units) by month
  • Sales Planning – pricing and discount assumptions; Net Sales calculation
    • Plan Gross Price and Gross to Net Price items
    • Dollarize your plan (Calculate Gross and Net Sales)
  • Revenue Planning – model sales recognition assumptions and calculate revenue
    • Input lead times or revenue recognition expectations by Material or Product Group
    • Convert Sales Orders and Open Orders to a Revenue Plan
    • Calculate based on planned sales, open orders and loaded expectations
  • Sales Dashboard and Review
    • Sales forecast dashboard
    • Standard grid reports for calculation review – included in template and report package